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IMO Rapid Trans Limited is owned and managed by IMO Rapid Transfer Limited whose trading Name is IMO Rapid Transfer, What we do best is offer you a far better way to send money purchase airtime and bill payments for/ to your family and friends from anywhere in the world. Our way is better in so many ways. But, first and foremost, it’s a fast online service that’s so easy and convenient to use anywhere anytime.


Year 2016

Since our inauguration of IMO Rapid Transfer in 2016

Our operation isn't just to make things easier; we believe that there are always ways to save some money in the process of transferring funds from point A to point B, IMO Rapid Transfer strives to not only provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and honest insight into all the money transfer providers but also to make sure you're saving money on every footstep of the way. With Imo Rapid Transfer you can load money in your preferred wallet; exchange from one currency to another you can change it easily because we offer the best sophisticated structured products and multi-currency accounts that corporate treasurers demand

What makes us different?

With a lack of intelligibility in money transfers and the financial system as a whole, we aim to distribute relevant, easy to assimilate information to save you time, effort, data, and money. Our groups wanted to create a business model that would revolutionize the way consumers and businesses undertake money transfers and amplify knowledge of the way foreign exchange works. IMO Rapid Transfer Markets are focused on developing strong business relationships, utilizing the latest technologies, and recruiting the most experienced people to offer our clients an incomparable combination of security, non-comparable pricing, and incomparable service.

Our Value

we aim to distribute relevant, easy to assimilate information to save you time, effort, data, and money. We know that there isn't just one party involved when transferring money ( the sender and the receiver ), which is why we're devoted to making sure that not only the sender has a great experience, but the receiver also does too. We Are Here To Reduce manual touch points and lower labor costs while eliminating human errors and improving data validation across systems So now we can say our people have a wealth of experience working within the global markets arena with diverse experiences to offer you the best and most reliable payment system.

IMO Rapid Transfer is established and registered in several countries Like in the state of Montana in the United States of America, with registration number: 1238337 Nigeria with a registration number: RC1586148 and Ghana with a registration number: CS153672019 but we did not stop there, we are also registered in the united state of American, under the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, with registration number, 31000200738680 this are measures we put in place to establish a more reliable Money Transfer payments system

  • How do I open IMO Rapid Wallets account?

    1. Visit, to get Registered, Click on the register button in the top right of the screen or Click here
    2. Visit any of our branches around you and provide us with your First name, Surname, Phone number, and email address for temporary wallet opening
    2.1. Our Branches will provide you a temporary Wallet account, with low daily limit transactions,
    1.2. Temporary wallet account can be upgraded, in your wallet account settings, by setting up and providing all the required information’s, such as your secret pin, Password, Government Valid IDs, profile Picture (avatar) and complete house address verification

  • How much it cost to open IMO wallet account?

    To open IMO Rapid Wallet account is free, fast, and easy.

  • Can I send Money from My IMO Rapid Wallet to Bank Account?

    Yes you can transfer money from your IMO Wallet, to any banks in your country, to send from your IMO wallet to bank account, use Payout Button and follow steps to add your desired bank account number, select bank name and confirm account details.

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