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Whether you already have a business or you’re thinking of creating one, IMO Rapid Transfer can help. We offer a simple and attractive way of expanding your business, starting a new venture, or increasing your revenue, without the need for investment!

Want to be an IMO Rapid Transfer Merchant?

Over More than 1000 agents around the world,

Over more than 1,000 agents around the world already trust us. We believe on a service that offers excellent value for money and a system that generates high commissions.

At IMO Rapid Transfer, we have a clear objective:

Our mission is to grow your business and provide you with the tools and training to do so together.

More than a partner,

We are your personal advisor who will help your business grow. Do you know all the advantages you will get by joining a company with so many years of experience in the sector? Learn more about us!

A major source of income

Our agents earn an average of $500 per month. It’s up to you to maximize your revenue by generating more transfers through us.

No startup costs

Startups are categories in different sections, Single Unit, Multiple Unit, Regional Unit, Country Unit 1 and Unit 2.,  Single NG Unit, Sign GH unit For more information. Kindly chat us live at www.imorapidtransfer.com

You don’t need to pay anything to begin. Fill out our merchant form; get your device ready for our technical team support training.

Support at Any Time

If you have a question, our fabulous customer support team will answer you 24/7.

Ongoing personalized training   

For IMO Rapid Transfer it’s vital that our Merchants maintain our excellent reputation and, to this end, we offer intensive training.

Special Conditions for VIP Merchants ▼

IMO Rapid Transfer believes in your potential, and that’s why we offer a bonus and reward scheme for Merchants who meet their targets.

Compliance training

For IMO Rapid Transfer it’s extremely important that our Merchants maintain our excellent reputation. To this end, we offer training in local and international Compliance standards

World-Leading Money remittance ▼

As an IMO Rapid Transfer Merchant, you’ll have access to a widespread network of payers and payment methods.

Create more Agent Branches from your Merchant account dashboard,          

Pay bills and Airtime in over 23 countries around the world.

 your customers can benefit from a huge number of offices where they can collect their money. They can also choose the currency in which to receive it.

Become an agent!

Complete our form and we’ll get in touch to answer all your questions so that you can join the IMO Rapid Transfer network as soon as possible.

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Get in touch with our 7-day support team that speaks your language whenever you need it. Contact us by phone, email, chat, and social media, or visit us on www.imorapidtransfer.com to chat with our customer service helpdesk.

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