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Quickly And Easily Send And Receive Money

Why choose us

We are not a bank. With us you get low fees & real-time exchange rates.

Be it transfer or withdrawal, our fees are in low cost.

We work with licensed financial institutions across the continent including mobile money operators, Payment Gateway providers and commercial banks to ensure undisputable transaction flows, which makes us a secure and reliable payments system across the globe.

We provide our customers great experience with same day payments on any selected currencies, whatever it is credit/debit, mobile money or bank account you can send it your way 24/7.

Our Value

In IMO Rapid Transfer, we provide customers with affordable and reliable money transfers service for their Businesses, their family and friends needs, whether on the Web, in-app or at the counter, we connect customers whenever and wherever they need it. We also go beyond money transfers with airtime and bill payment services,

Anyone with IMO Rapid Transfer account can send & receive money from anywhere in the world


What we do is to offer you a far better way to send money or airtime to your family and friends from anywhere in the world. Our way is better in so many ways. But, first and foremost, it’s a fast online service that’s so easy and convenient to use

• We are a forward-thinking company that goes from one success to another. We keep people connected around the world

Now, you have no trouble for having cash money. Anyone can send money from their Bank card, bank account, paypal balance or other payment methods.